Our water misting system will create a very fine mist that will cool the air during the hot weather. It is custom designed for each property. Made of high quality parts like brass / stainless steel mist nozzles, UV treated tubing which helps keep the tubing from cracking in the extreme heat.
Water Misting System 
Will a misting system work in humid weather? 

Yes, The evaporative cooling concept will work any time you are able to achieve evaporation. 

Is it possible to combine a mosquito system & water misting system? 
No, Mosquito system and cooling systems operate different. There are major variations in Pump, nozzles, tubing and fittings that each system requires.

What is the maintenance required after the system is installed? 
All that is needed would be a periodic cleaning of the nozzles and an annual check-up for the pump. 

Call the office 713-861-2000 to schedule that. 
We also offer automatic programs for that service.